ComponentOne Query 8.0
Using C1Query on the Web

ComponentOne Query can be used in Web applications to submit queries from a thin browser-based client to the server and generate SQL statement on the server. In this scenario, C1Query is used only on the server. The client is a generic HTML browser, no ActiveX or other plug-ins required. Sample WebQueryASP (subdirectory Samples\ASP) shows how to do that using ASP (Active Server Pages). To host the ComponentOne Query controls, C1Query and C1QueryFrame, it uses an ActiveX DLL created in Visual Basic (see the DLL subdirectory). This ActiveX DLL exposes a SchemaContainer class that returns all necessary objects, including the C1Query control itself, as its properties so they can be used in the ASP script. The controls themselves are hosted on an invisible form.

Another possible scenario of using C1Query on the Web is hosting C1Query controls directly in the browser. This is easier to do, and you can use the built-in UI provided by C1QueryFrame, but in this case you are limited to browsers that can host ActiveX controls, that is, mainly, to Internet Explorer. See the Samples\HTML subdirectory for the tutorials implemented as controls hosted in HTML pages.



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