ComponentOne Query 8.0
C1QueryFrame Control

The C1QueryFrame control is responsible for the user interface. It displays query conditions and result fields, and allows the end user to enter and edit them. Its ContentsType property determines whether a C1QueryFrame control displays filter conditions (resulting in the WHERE clause of the generated statement) or result fields (resulting in the SELECT part of the generated statement).

You can access individual query items (conditions and result fields) programmatically, using the C1QueryFrame.Item object, see Accessing and Modifying Query Items.

A C1QueryFrame control is associated with a C1Query control, “the engine”, via the SchemaControl property. You can associate either one or two C1QueryFrame controls with a single C1Query control. If there are two associated controls, one of them must display filter conditions, the other – result fields, according to their ContentsType property. If there is no C1QueryFrame control with result fields, C1Query generates a SELECT * statement, selecting all fields from the tables appearing in the query.

The value of the SchemaControl property is the Name of a C1Query control residing in the same form. Some environments, such as Visual C++, do not support the Name property. In this case, set the NameSubstitute property of the C1Query control to the name you want to reference it by in the C1QueryFrame controls. There are also environments (such as Delphi, for example) where the mechanism attaching C1QueryFrame controls to a C1Query control at design time won’t work. In such environments, you have to associate the controls at run time, setting the SchemaControlObject property.

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