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C1.Web.UI.Controls.C1Window Namespace

C1Window Class

C1Window Members

C1Window Constructor

C1Window Methods

C1Window Properties

AllowMove Property

AllowResize Property

AnimationDurationOnCollapsing Property

AnimationDurationOnExpanding Property

AnimationDurationOnHiding Property

AnimationDurationOnShowing Property

AnimationEffectOnCollapsing Property

AnimationEffectOnExpanding Property

AnimationEffectOnHiding Property

AnimationEffectOnShowing Property

CaptionButtons Property

ChildrenAsTriggers Property

ContentTemplate Property

ContentUrl Property

ControlBox Property

EmbeddedVisualStyles Property

Enabled Property

Height Property

HorizontalAlign Property

ImageHeight Property

ImageUrl Property

ImageWidth Property

MinimizeZoneElementId Property

OffsetElementId Property

OnClientActivated Property

OnClientButtonClicked Property

OnClientButtonClicking Property

OnClientDeactivated Property

OnClientDragEnd Property

OnClientDragging Property

OnClientDragStart Property

OnClientHidden Property

OnClientMaximized Property

OnClientMaximizing Property

OnClientMinimized Property

OnClientMinimizing Property

OnClientNormalized Property

OnClientNormalizing Property

OnClientPinned Property

OnClientPinning Property

OnClientReloaded Property

OnClientReloading Property

OnClientResizeEnd Property

OnClientResizeStart Property

OnClientResizing Property

OnClientShown Property

OnEscPressedClose Property

ResizeSettings Property

ShowModalWindowOnLoad Property

ShowOnLoad Property

StartPosition Property

StatusTemplate Property

StatusVisible Property

Text Property

UseEmbeddedVisualStyles Property

VerticalAlign Property

VisualStyle Property

VisualStylePath Property

Width Property

X Property

Y Property

C1WindowPosition Enumeration

CaptionButton Class

CaptionButtons Class

CaptionElement Class

HorizontalPosition Enumeration

PressableCaptionButton Class

ResizeBehaviorSettings Class

VerticalPosition Enumeration

Window for ASP.NET AJAX Client-Side Reference

C1.Web.UI.Controls.C1Window Namespace

ButtonAction Class

ButtonClickedEventArgs Class

ButtonClickedEventHandler Class

ButtonClickingEventArgs Class

ButtonClickingEventHandler Class

C1Window Class

C1Window Members

C1Window Constructor

C1Window Methods

C1Window Properties

C1Window Events

C1WindowPosition Class

CaptionButton Class

CaptionButtons Class

CaptionElement Class

DialogActivityState Class

DialogCancelEventArgs Class

DialogCancelEventHandler Class

DialogEventArgs Class

DialogEventHandler Class

DialogState Class

DraggingEventArgs Class

DraggingEventHander Class

HorizontalPosition Class

PressableCaptionButton Class

ReloadingEventArgs Class

ReloadingEventHandler Class

ReloadOrigin Class

ResizeBehaviorSettings Class

VerticalPosition Class