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Controlling How Masked Input is Updated
Cell Editing Techniques > Input Masking > Controlling How Masked Input is Updated

Normally, after the user finishes editing a cell in a column which has its EditMask property set, True DBGrid for Winforms caches the modified cell text, but any literal characters in the input mask template will be stripped from the modified cell text beforehand. However, this behavior can be overridden with the EditMaskUpdate property.

By default, the EditMaskUpdate property is False. This means that when the modified cell text is updated to the database, the grid sends the cached text (stripped of literals), not the formatted text displayed in the cell. Override this default behavior by setting the EditMaskUpdate property to True, which causes the cached text to be formatted according to the EditMask property before being updated to the database.

Therefore, it is important to set EditMaskUpdate properly to ensure that the correct data is sent to the database for update.