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DataViewEnum Enumeration

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Specifies how the grid displays its data.
Public Enum DataViewEnum 
   Inherits System.Enum
public enum DataViewEnum : System.Enum 
FormThe data will be displayed in a convenient data entry form.
GroupByA grouping area is created at the top of the grid; any columns that are placed into this area become part of the GroupedColumn collection. When in group mode, grid columns can be moved into or out of the grouping area with the Add and RemoveAt methods, respectively. Users can also perform this action by selecting and dragging a column into or out of the grouping. Users can customize the display of the grouped row with styles and automatically compute aggregates for columns that are grouped. The expanded/collapsed state of the grouping can also be specified.
HierarchicalThe grid will display DataSets in a hierarchical format. At run time, users can expand and collapse hierarchical recordset Bands using a treeview-like interface.
InvertedRows will be represented horizontally and columns vertically.
MultipleLinesThe grid will display all the fields in the current grid area with multiple lines.
MultipleLinesFixedThe grid will display all the fields in the current grid area with multiple lines. The number of subrows does not change once set. The number of subrows can be set using the LinesPerRow property.
NormalThe grid will only display flat files and will not support a hierarchical view. If the data source is a hierarchical dataset, the grid will only display data from the master table.
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