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AggregateEnum Enumeration

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Specifies the type of aggregate that is computed for a grouped row.
Public Enum AggregateEnum 
   Inherits System.Enum
public enum AggregateEnum : System.Enum 
AverageAverage of the numerical values.
CountCount of non-empty values.
CustomCauses the GroupAggregate event to be raised.
MaxMaximum value (numerical, string, or date).
MinMinimum value (numerical, string, or date).
NoneNo aggregate is calculated or displayed.
StdStandard deviation (using formula for Sample, n-1).
StdPopStandard deviation (using formula for Population, n).
SumSum of numerical values.
VarVariance (using formula for Sample, n-1).
VarPopVariance (using formula for Population, n).
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