ComponentOne Studio - Cloud Business App Edition
Programming with Wijmo 5 Control Extensions

All controls in the Cloud Business App Edition are optimized to be used with Wijmo 5 controls. You can access and customize these controls using JavaScript. The basic Cloud Business App enables you to add screen templates and data to perform- editing, scrolling, and paging in flexGrid, and data visualization in FlexChart, FlexPie, and Gauges with automatically generated code. With Wijmo 5 extensions, you can customize each control and discover additional features using JavaScript.

The ICollectionView class is the main data binding class used for these controls. Refer for more information.

The following code sample demonstrates how to set selection modes in FlexGrid using JavaScript.

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screen.grid = grid.wjControl;
myapp.GridSelectionModes.SelectionMode_render = function (element, contentItem)
   var selectCtr, selecthtml = '<select>\
          <option value="None">None</option>\
          <option value="Cell">Cell</option>\
          <option value="CellRange" selected>CellRange</option>\
          <option value="Row">Row</option>\
          <option value="RowRange">RowRange</option>\
          <option value="ListBox">ListBox</option>\
   selectCtr = $(selecthtml).appendTo(element);
   selectCtr.on("change", function () {
       screen.grid.selectionMode = selectCtr.val();

See Wijmo FlexGrid API Documentation for more information.

The following topics illustrate customization of FlexGrid in JavaScript.

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