ComponentOne Scheduler for WinForms
Working with Scheduler for WinForms

Scheduler for WinForms provides full scheduling functionality with the familiar look of Microsoft Outlook, which can be easily bound to a database or a built-in DataSource and then customized to create schedules in your WinForms applications. The following topics explain the main aspects of Scheduler for WinForms:


The C1Schedule control allows you to create, edit, and delete appointments at run time. Appointments can occur one-time or recur over a set amount of time, and reminders can be set so no appointment is missed. Additionally, C1Schedule provides twelve built-in labels and four availability options to help users manage each appointment, as well as the ability to create custom labels. Appointments can be organized within categories, and resources and contacts for each appointment can be specified.


The C1Schedule control includes five built-in data views: DayView, WeekView, WorkWeekView, MonthView, and TimeLineView. Since the data views are built-in, you only have to set the ViewType property to change the date view. Apart from these built-in views, the control supports extended views, namely agenda view and table view.

Data Mappings

In the Data Source settings dialog box in the C1Schedule Smart Designer, which works with the C1ScheduleStorage component, you can attach a DataSource to the C1Schedule control and map to each column in the data table.

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