ComponentOne Scheduler for WinForms
Printing and Previewing Data
Run-Time Interaction > C1Schedule Run-Time Context Menu > Printing and Previewing Data

Printing support was added to Scheduler for WinForms in 2008 v3. At run time users can now print the schedule and view a print preview of schedule appointment data using the run-time context menu or buttons on the toolbar of the Appointment dialog box.

Opening Print Options

The Print dialog box appears similar to the following:

The Print dialog box includes options to select a print style (daily, weekly, monthly, details) and a print range. The print style can be customized by clicking the Style settings button and users have the option of hiding the details of private appointments.

Note: If users select a specific appointment to print (right-click the appointment and select Print or Print Preview) the print range will not be visible and cannot be changed in the Print dialog box.