ComponentOne ASP.NET MVC Controls
Using Visual Studio Template
Configuring your MVC Application > Using Visual Studio Template

Visual Studio Project template allows you to create a simple ASP.NET MVC application. To use C1 MVC controls, few additional steps are required to configure the project created using the basic Visual Studio project template.

  1. Select File | New | Project.
  2. Under installed templates, select Visual C# | Web | ASP.NET Web Application (.NET Framework).

  3. Set a Name and Location for your application. Click OK.
  4. In the New ASP.NET Web Application dialog, select MVC and click OK.
  5. From the Solution Explorer, expand the folder Views and double click the web.config file to open it.
  6. Add the following markups in <namespaces></namespaces> tags, within the <system.web.webPages.razor></system.web.webPages.razor> tags.
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    <add namespace="C1.Web.Mvc" />
    <add namespace="C1.Web.Mvc.Fluent" />
  7. (Optional) To add specific controls in your application, you need to add the following markups in <namespaces></namespaces> tags below the C1.Web.Mvc markup.

    Control Markup
    Financial Chart
    <add namespace="C1.Web.Mvc.Finance" />
    <add namespace="C1.Web.Mvc.Finance.Fluent" />
    <add namespace="C1.Web.Mvc.Sheet" />
    <add namespace="C1.Web.Mvc.Sheet.Fluent" />
    <add namespace="C1.Web.Mvc.Olap" />
    <add namespace="C1.Web.Mvc.Olap.Fluent" />
    <add namespace="C1.Web.Mvc.MultiRow" />
    <add namespace="C1.Web.Mvc.MultiRow.Fluent" />
    <add namespace="C1.Web.Mvc.Viewer" />
    <add namespace="C1.Web.Mvc.Viewer.Fluent" />
  8. Save the changes made to web.config file.
  9. Add a license file manually to the application. For detailed steps on adding the license file, see Adding License File Manually.
  10. Add the ASP.NET MVC Edition references to the project. In the Solution Explorer, right click References and select Manage NuGet Packages. Browse to the location- C:\Program Files (x86)\ComponentOne\ASP.NET MVC Edition\bin, select C1.Web.Mvc.dll and click Add. Set the Copy Local property of the C1.Web.Mvc.dll to True.
  11. (Optional) Add additional references to use specific controls in your MVC Application based on the control.

    Control Assembly (Location - C:\Program Files (x86)\ComponentOne\ASP.NET MVC Edition\bin)
    Financial Chart
    Note: All the assemblies mentioned above automatically installs the required dependencies. For more information, see Dependencies.
  12. After completing the steps above, register the resources for the controls to be used in the application. For more information, see Registering Resources.