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C1.Web.Mvc.Fluent Namespace : SplitLayoutBuilder Class

The following tables list the members exposed by SplitLayoutBuilder.

Public Constructors
Public ConstructorCreates one SplitLayoutBuilder instance to configurate component.  
Public Methods
Public MethodConfigurates C1.Web.Mvc.Component.Id. Sets the id of the service. (Inherited from C1.Web.Mvc.Fluent.ServiceBuilder<TControl,TBuilder>)
Public MethodConfigure C1.Web.Mvc.SplitLayout.Items.  
Public MethodConfigurates C1.Web.Mvc.SplitLayout.Orientation. Sets the orientation of the layout.  
Public MethodWhen the builder works in template mode, bind the property which name is specified to some item which name is specified. (Inherited from C1.Web.Mvc.Fluent.ServiceBuilder<TControl,TBuilder>)
Public MethodTransfers current builder to template mode. (Inherited from C1.Web.Mvc.Fluent.ServiceBuilder<TControl,TBuilder>)
Extension Methods
Public Extension MethodRender the html string in template mode.
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