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LayoutBaseBuilder<TControl,TBuilder> Class Members

C1.Web.Mvc.Fluent Namespace : LayoutBaseBuilder<TControl,TBuilder> Class

The following tables list the members exposed by LayoutBaseBuilder<TControl,TBuilder>.

Public Methods
Public MethodConfigurates C1.Web.Mvc.Component.Id. Sets the id of the service. (Inherited from C1.Web.Mvc.Fluent.ServiceBuilder<TControl,TBuilder>)
Public MethodWhen the builder works in template mode, bind the property which name is specified to some item which name is specified. (Inherited from C1.Web.Mvc.Fluent.ServiceBuilder<TControl,TBuilder>)
Public MethodGet an Html string. (Inherited from C1.Web.Mvc.Fluent.ComponentBuilder<TControl,TBuilder>)
Public MethodTransfers current builder to template mode. (Inherited from C1.Web.Mvc.Fluent.ServiceBuilder<TControl,TBuilder>)
Extension Methods
Public Extension MethodRender the html string in template mode.
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LayoutBaseBuilder<TControl,TBuilder> Class
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