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Orientation Method (GridLayoutBuilder<TControl,TBuilder>)

C1.Web.Mvc.Fluent Namespace > GridLayoutBuilder<TControl,TBuilder> Class : Orientation Method
The value.
Configurates C1.Web.Mvc.GridLayout.Orientation. Sets the layout orientation.
Public Function Orientation( _
   ByVal value As LayoutOrientation _
) As TBuilder
public TBuilder Orientation( 
   LayoutOrientation value


The value.

Return Value

Current builder.
Gets or sets the layout orientation.

When the Orientation for the AutoGridLayout is set to Horizontal, then the groups are added horizontally i.e. each new group is added to the right of the existing group. And when the Orientation is set to Vertical, then the groups are added vertically i.e. each new group is added to the bottom of the existing group.
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