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FlexGridDetailProviderBuilder<T> Class Members

C1.Web.Mvc.Fluent Namespace : FlexGridDetailProviderBuilder<T> Class

The following tables list the members exposed by FlexGridDetailProviderBuilder<T>.

Public Constructors
Public ConstructorCreate one FlexGridDetailProviderBuilder instance.  
Public Methods
Public MethodConfigurates C1.Web.Mvc.FlexGridDetailProvider<T>.CreateDetailCell. Sets the callback function that creates detail cells.  
Public MethodConfigurates C1.Web.Mvc.FlexGridDetailProvider<T>.DetailRowTemplateContent. Sets the content of the template for the grid detail row.  
Public MethodConfigurates C1.Web.Mvc.FlexGridDetailProvider<T>.DetailRowTemplateId. Sets the id of the template for the grid detail row.  
Public MethodConfigurates C1.Web.Mvc.FlexGridDetailProvider<T>.DetailVisibilityMode. Specifies when and how the row details are displayed.  
Public MethodConfigurates C1.Web.Mvc.FlexGridDetailProvider<T>.DisposeDetailCell. Sets the callback function that disposes of detail cells.  
Public MethodConfigurates C1.Web.Mvc.FlexGridDetailProvider<T>.IsAnimated. Sets a value that indicates whether to use animation when showing row details.  
Public MethodConfigurates C1.Web.Mvc.FlexGridDetailProvider<T>.KeyActionEnter. Sets the action to perform when the ENTER key is pressed.  
Public MethodConfigurates C1.Web.Mvc.FlexGridDetailProvider<T>.MaxHeight. Sets the maximum height of the detail rows, in pixels.  
Public MethodConfigurates C1.Web.Mvc.FlexGridDetailProvider<T>.RowHasDetail. Sets the callback function that determines whether a row has details.  
Public MethodGet an Html string. (Inherited from C1.Web.Mvc.Fluent.ComponentBuilder<FlexGridDetailProvider<T>,FlexGridDetailProviderBuilder<T>>)
Extension Methods
Public Extension MethodRender the html string in template mode.
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