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ItemValidator Method (FlexGridBaseBuilder<T,TControl,TBuilder>)

C1.Web.Mvc.Fluent Namespace > FlexGridBaseBuilder<T,TControl,TBuilder> Class : ItemValidator Method
The value.
Configurates C1.Web.Mvc.FlexGridBase<T>.ItemValidator. Sets a validator function to determine whether cells contain valid data.
Public Overridable Function ItemValidator( _
   ByVal value As String _
) As TBuilder
public virtual TBuilder ItemValidator( 
   string value


The value.

Return Value

Current builder.
If specified, the validator function should take two parameters containing the cell's row and column indices, and should return a string containing the error description. This property is especially useful when dealing with unbound grids, since bound grids can be validated using the C1.Web.Mvc.BaseCollectionViewService<T>.GetError property instead.
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