ComponentOne ASP.NET MVC Controls
C1.Web.Mvc.Sheet Namespace
Inheritance Hierarchy
ClassDefines the table stripe styling properties.
ClassBorder styles.
ClassAll borders of a cell.
ClassRepresents a bound sheet.
ClassThe Excel cell.
ClassThe coordinates of a cell in a worksheet.
ClassDefines the cell styling properties.
ClassA column in a worksheet.
ClassThe setting for column filter.
ClassThe condition filter setting.
ClassRepresents the Workbook Object Model Defined Name item definition.
ClassCell fill styles.
ClassDefines the filter setting of sheet.
ClassThe FlexSheet control extends the FlexGrid control and provides an Excel-like functionality.
ClassImplements an Excel-style filter for FlexSheet controls.
ClassSupports the load processing of the request from the client-side FlexSheet.
ClassThe response data for FlexSheet remote loading.
ClassRepresents an attribute that invokes a model binder for FlexSheet request.
ClassDefines the model binder for FlexSheet form-request.
ClassThe request data for FlexSheet remote saving.
ClassThe response for Flexsheet remote save.
ClassFont styles.
ClassDefine an extender used to set the formula bar.
ClassThe FrozenPane of worksheet
ClassA rectangular area in a worksheet denominated by a top-left cell and a bottom-right cell.
ClassA row in a worksheet.
ClassRepresents a sheet within the FlexSheet control.
ClassThe appearance attributes of certain cells.
ClassRepresents a Table within the FlexSheet control.
ClassRepresents a column within the Table.
ClassDefines the table styling properties.
ClassRepresents a Table style for the Table.
ClassRepresents the text run definition.
ClassRepresents an unbound sheet.
ClassThe value filter setting.
ClassThe Excel workbook.
ClassRepresents the Table definition.
ClassRepresents the Table Stripe Style definition.
ClassRepresents the Table border definition.
ClassRepresents the Table Column definition.
ClassRepresents the Table Common Style definition.
ClassRepresents the Table Style definition.
ClassThe Excel worksheet.
EnumerationThe style of the cell borders.
EnumerationSpecifies the type of remote save content.
EnumerationHorizontal alignment options.
EnumerationThe pattern type of the cell fills.
EnumerationThe direction of text flow.
EnumerationVertical alignment options.
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