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You can use the C1PageView.ToolTip property to create a user-friendly interface. ToolTips are graphic user interface elements that are used to provide users with information or instructions regarding elements of a user interface. When users hover over the page with their cursor, a box will appear with the additional information.

ToolTips can be applied to each page of a C1MultiPage by setting the C1PageView.ToolTip property to a string. If you wanted to set a ToolTip for the first tab of the control, you would use the following code:

      Visual Basic

C1PageView.ToolTip = "Hello World!"


C1PageView.ToolTip = "Hello World!";

You can also set the C1PageView.ToolTip property in Design view or in Source view. For more information on setting this property, see Displaying ToolTips for Pages.

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