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Step 2 of 3: Working with the C1MultiPage Designer Form

The C1MultiPage Designer Form allows you to easily customize the C1MultiPage control and each C1PageView you choose to include. In this step you will add three C1PageViews to the C1MultiPage control and change its behavior using the C1MultiPage Designer Form. Note that you should complete the steps in the Adding C1MultiPage to the Page topic or create a new Web site project and add a C1MultiPage control to the page before completing the steps outlined here.

Complete the following steps:

1.   Click C1MultiPage1's smart tag to open the C1Multipage Tasks menu, and select the MultiPage Designer.

The C1MultiPage Designer Form will open. 


2.   In the C1MultiPage Designer Form select C1MultiPage1, click the Add Child Item button, and select PageView. Repeat this step two more times to add a total of three PageViews to the MultiPage control.



3.   Select C1MultiPage1 and set the following properties in the Properties grid.

      Set the Height property to 300px and the Width property to 400px.

The C1MultiPage control is resized.

      Set the ShowToolBar property to True.

The Next and Previous navigation buttons are visible.

4.   Click OK to save and close the C1MultiPage Designer Form.

5.   Run the project and note that you can now navigate between the three PageViews that you added:



In the next step, we will add content to the C1MultiPage control and customize its appearance.

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