ComponentOne MultiPage for ASP.NET AJAX: MultiPage for ASP.NET AJAX Task-Based Help

MultiPage for ASP.NET AJAX Task-Based Help

The task-based help section assumes that you are familiar with programming in the Visual Studio ASP.NET environment and have a general understanding of the ComponentOne MultiPage control.

Each topic provides a solution for specific tasks using the C1MultiPage control. By following the steps outlined in each topic, you will be able to create projects using a variety of C1MultiPage features.

Each task-based help topic also assumes that you have created a new AJAX-enabled ASP.NET project. ComponentOne MultiPage for ASP.NET AJAX requires you to create an ASP.NET AJAX-Enabled project so that Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX Extensions and a ScriptManager control are included in your project before the C1MultiPage control is placed on the page. This allows you to take advantage of ASP.NET AJAX and certain features such as partial-page rendering and client-script functionality of the Microsoft AJAX Library.

Adding a C1MultiPage in Code

Adding and Manipulating Page Content

Adding Navigation to a C1MultiPage Control

Applying CSS Styles to C1MultiPage

Client-Side Tasks for C1MultiPage

Customizing the Appearance of C1MultiPage

Setting C1MultiPage Behaviors

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