ComponentOne MultiPage for ASP.NET AJAX: MultiPage for ASP.NET AJAX Samples

MultiPage for ASP.NET AJAX Samples

Please be advised that this ComponentOne software tool is accompanied by various sample projects and/or demos which may make use of other development tools included with the ComponentOne Studios.

You can access samples from the ComponentOne Control Explorer. To view samples, click the Start button and then click ComponentOne | Studio for ASP.NET | Control Explorer. The following table provides a short overview of each sample.




Visual Styles

Illustrates C1MultiPage's five built-in visual styles. 


Demonstrates C1MultiPage's auto play functionality.

Load on Demand

Demonstrates the 'load on demand' feature that can be in conjunction with the auto play feature. When LoadOnDemand and AutoPostBack are set to True, there is only one page is rendered to client every time.


Illustrates the animation and transition effects that can be used with the C1MultiPage control.


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