ComponentOne MultiPage for ASP.NET AJAX: Key Features

Key Features

C1Multipage includes several unique features, including the following:

      CSS Styling

C1MultiPage includes CSS supported styling so that you can use cascading style sheets to easily style the C1MultiPage control to match the design of your current Web site.

      Built-in Visual Styles

Use the built-in styles to quickly change the C1MultiPage control's appearance. C1MultiPage currently includes five built-in visual styles: Arctic Fox, Office 2007 Blue, Office 2007 Black, Office 2007 Silver, and Vista.

      Animation Effects

C1MultiPage includes 10 built-in animated effects and twenty-six transition effects that can be used to transition from one page to another. Easily change transition effects by setting two properties Animation and Easing. You can also create your own custom effects to apply to the C1MultiPage control.

      C1TabStrip Support

You can create a customized tabbed navigation pane by using the C1MultiPage control with the C1TabStripControl. You can also use other menu and navigation controls with the C1MultiPage control.

      Add Content

You can add images, text, and controls standard and third-party controls to pages in the C1MultiPage control by simply performing a drag-and-drop operation. Customizing a PageView's content is as easy as designing the content of a standard Panel control.



      AutoPlay Pages

By setting a single property you can choose if the C1MultiPage control automatically navigates between pages. You can customize auto play as well, including setting the delay between page transitions.

      Navigation Buttons

C1MultiPage can display Next, Previous, First, and Last page navigation buttons allowing users to quickly navigate between pages. You can also customize the text and style of these buttons or use the default text and one of the built-in styles.




      Set Postbacks

Use the AutoPostBack property to determine whether C1MultiPage should perform a postback to the server when switching between multiple page views.

      Load On Demand

Set C1MultiPage to only render the currently selected page on the client side, reducing initial page size and load time. Doing this is as simple as setting two properties AutoPostBack and LoadOnDemand to True. This feature is particularly useful when hosting the C1MultiPage control inside of an UpdatePanel.

      External Content

You can show external content in a PageView by using the ContentUrl property. This means that you can have the content of another Web page in your project or even the content of a Web site outside of your project appear in a C1MultiPage control.



      Browser Support

C1MultiPage includes support for the Internet Explorer (6.0 or later), Firefox (2 or later), and Safari Web browsers.

      Search Engine Optimization

Optimized for search engines, C1MultiPage uses semantic lists and <a> tags which are recognized and indexed by web crawlers.

      XHTML Compliant

C1MultiPage provides complete XHTML compliance. The output that is generated is fully XHTML 1.1 compliant.

      Client-Side Object Model

The C1MultiPage control's client-side object model is exposed so that you can easily customize the control with client-side script.

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