ComponentOne MultiPage for ASP.NET AJAX: Client-Side Functionality

Client-Side Functionality

The C1MultiPage control includes a rich and flexible client-side object model. Several server-side properties and methods can be used on the client-side.

When a C1MultiPage control is added to a Web project, an instance of the client-side C1MultiPage control will be created automatically. For example, if you have a C1MultiPage control with the server-side ID of "C1MultiPage1", you can use the following script to acquire a reference to its client object:


var newMultiPage = $find("<%= C1MultiPage1.ClientID %>");


Using C1MultiPage's client-side functionality, you can implement many features in your Web page without having to post back to the server. Thus, using client-side methods , properties, and events will increase the efficiency of your Web site.

The following topics describe the available client-side properties and methods.

Client-Side Properties

Client-Side Methods

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