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Applying CSS Styles to C1MultiPage

In situations where you need to apply the same style settings to several controls, you might want to use CSS style sheets to keep the intricacy and repetition of your code to a minimum. With a CSS style sheet, you can create classes specifying layout, border types, color, and typographic characteristics; once those classes are created, you can apply them to numerous controls, thus eliminating the need for code duplication.

You can add CSS styles to the C1MultiPage control by adding a CSS style sheet to your project and setting an element's property to one of the CSS classes specified in your style sheet. In the following topics, you will learn how to apply CSS styles to the different areas (C1MultiPage or C1PageView)  of the C1Multipage control.

These topics only cover CSS styling of a control. For information on how to style the C1MultiPage control using the designer, HTML, or code, see Customizing the Appearance of C1MultiPage.

Adding a Border to the C1MultiPage Control

Adding Font Styles to a Page

Adding a Gradient to a Page

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