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Adding a C1MultiPage in Code

To add a C1Multipage control to your Web project in code, complete these steps:

1.   Add a PlaceHolder control to your project. 

2.   Import the following namespace into your project:

      Visual Basic

Imports C1.Web.UI.Controls.C1MultiPage


using C1.Web.UI.Controls.C1MultiPage;

3.   Create a C1MultiPage object and add it to the page:

      Visual Basic

Dim NewMultiPage As New C1MultiPage()



C1MultiPage NewMultiPage = new C1MultiPage();


4.   Set C1MultiPage's height, width, and visual style:

      Visual Basic

NewMultiPage.Width = 100

NewMultiPage.Height = 100

NewMultiPage.VisualStyle = "Office2007Blue"


NewMultiPage.Width = 100;

NewMultiPage.Height = 100;

NewMultiPage.VisualStyle = "Office2007Blue";

5.   Run the program.

This Topic Illustrates the Following:

When the program is run, your C1MultiPage will appear on the page as a blue box. It resembles the following image:


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