The C1MultiPage type exposes the following members.


Public methodC1MultiPage
Default constructor.


Public methodCreateInstance
Creates the instance of the class. Type of the class can be determined by value of the DOM element's className.
Public methodDispose
Disposes the resources.
(Overrides ComponentDispose()()()().)
Public methodFindPageView
Gets the index of page with the specified page view ID.
Public methodInitialize
Initializes the multipage control.
(Overrides ComponentInitialize()()()().)
Public methodMoveFirst
Moves to the first page.
Public methodMoveLast
Moves to the last page.
Public methodMoveNext
Moves to the next page.
Public methodMovePrevious
Moves to the previous page.
Public methodPlay
Starts the page swapping process.
Public methodSelectPageView
Selects the page view by the ID.
Public methodStop
Stops the page swapping process.


Public propertyAnimation
Animation effect while switching between pages.
Public propertyAutoPlay
Gets or sets a value that determines whether page views are displayed one by one automatically..
Public propertyAutoPostBack
Public propertyDelay
Gets or sets a value that determines whether page views are displayed one by one automatically..
Public propertyDuration
Animation duration in milliseconds.
Public propertyEasing
The transition for animation.
Public propertyEnabled
Gets or sets the enabled status of this page view.
Public propertyInternalEnabled
Public propertyIsPlaying
Gets a value that indicates whether the auto play is on processing.
Public propertyLoop
Gets or sets a value that determines whether postback to server when switching between page views.
Public propertyOnClientBeforeSelectedIndexChange
Handler name of the client BeforeSelectedIndexChange event.
Public propertyOnClientSelectedIndexChanged
Handler name of the client SelectedIndexChanged event.
Public propertyPageCount
Public propertyPageCursorFormat
Public propertyPageViews
Public propertySelectedIndex
Gets or sets the index of the selected page view.
Public propertyVisualStyle
Gets or sets the VisualStyle.


Public eventBeforeSelectedIndexChange
Fires before SelectedIndex changes.
Public eventSelectedIndexChanged
Fires after the SelectedIndex changed.

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