LinearGauge for ASP.NET Web Forms

Please be advised that this ComponentOne software tool is accompanied by various sample projects and/or demos which may make use of other development tools included with the ComponentOne Studios. Samples can be accessed from the ComponentOne ControlExplorer. To view samples, on your desktop, click the Start button and then click Documents | ComponentOne Samples | ASP.NET Web Forms | Web Forms | CS | ControlExplorer. The ControlExplorer sample includes a section that details some of the functionality available in the C1LinearGauge control.

C# Samples
The following pages within the ControlExplorer sample installed with ASP.NET Web Forms Edition detail the C1LinearGauge control's functionality:

Sample Description
Overview This sample illustrates how to create a basic C1LinearGauge control.
Interactive The sample demonstrates how to create an interactive C1LinearGauge control. Changes to a slider control are reflected in the gauge.
Level This sample uses the TickMarker, TickMinor, and Pointer properties to customize the appearance of the control.
Orientation This sample illustrates the horizontal and vertical orientations of C1LinearGauge.
Temperature This example display a linear gauge styled to appear like a thermometer.
Volume This example displays a linear gauge styled like a volume gauge.