LightBox for ASP.NET Web Forms
LightBox for ASP.NET Web Forms Samples

Please be advised that this ComponentOne software tool is accompanied by various sample projects and/or demos which may make use of other development tools included with the ComponentOne Studios. Samples can be accessed from the ControlExplorer. The ControlExplorer sample includes a section that details some of the functionality available in the C1LightBox control.

C# Samples

The following pages within the ControlExplorer sample installed with ASP.NET Web Forms Edition detail the C1LightBox control's functionality:

Sample Description
Overview This sample illustrates the default C1LightBox control, which is useful for displaying images or video content.
AutoPlay This page demonstrates the autoplay feature in C1LightBox. Content is played automatically when the AutoPlayer property is set to True. The Delay property determines the how long each image is displayed.
AutoSize C1LightBox can adjust its size automatically according to the image's width and height to make sure the image displays with the correct width/height ratio. This is enabled by setting the AutoSize property to True. The ResizeAnimation property determines the animation effect when the container changes size.
Flash This sample demonstrates displaying SWF content in C1LightBox.
Flash Video This sample demonstrates how to display Flash Video in C1LightBox.
Full Size This sample demonstrates the full size feature of C1LightBox.
IFrame As this sample demonstrates, C1LightBox supports displaying Web site content in an IFrame.
KeyboardNavigation This sample demonstrates keyboard navigation. The KeyNav property must be set to True for keyboard navigation to be enabled.
PlayPause Demonstrates how to display the control buttons of C1LightBox by setting the CtrlButtons property
QuickTime This sample illustrates how C1LightBox supports hosting media that can be played by QuickTime.
SequenceCounter C1LightBox supports two types of counter styles, determined by the CounterType property. This sample demonstrates the sequence number counter style.
TextPosition This sample demonstrates the possible positioning or style of text supported by C1LightBox.
Transition Demonstrates the animation effects available in C1LightBox when transitioning from one page to the next.
Vimeo This is a video content sample with source from Vimeo.
WindowsMediaPlayer As this sample demonstrates, C1LightBox supports hosting media that can be played by Windows Media Player.
YouTube This is a video content sample with source from YouTube.