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Using Password Protection
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You can protect input text by displaying password characters for the C1InputMask control so that the actual characters entered are not visible.

To set password characters using the Tasks menu:

Open the C1InputMask Tasks menu and enter an asterisk (*) in the PasswordChar text box.

To change the password character using .html markup:

To change the password character to an asterisk (*) for the C1InputMask control, use the following markup in the .aspx page:

To write code in Source View

<cc1:C1InputMask ID="C1InputMask1" runat="server" Mask="00-000" Width="200px" 

This topic illustrates the following:

Run the project and enter characters in the C1InputMask control. Notice that an asterisk (*) is displayed for each character as it is entered, as shown here: