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Wijmo Collection Control

For content items that represent a collection of entities, you can substitute a Wijmo Collection Control and set its Widget property to one of the available values. The following table shows the mapping between the property value and the underlying UI element.

Widget Property Base Control
Bar Chart wijbarchart
Drop Down HTML5 select
Events Calendar wijevcal
Gallery wijgallery
Grid wijgrid
Line Chart wijlinechart
Pie Chart wijpiechart
Scatter Chart wijscatterchart

Since there are no control-specific properties at design time, each collection widget type has its own interpretation of the entity properties within its layout tree. In all cases, the order of the entity properties is significant. In some cases, there are semantics associated with the first few child properties. Depending upon the widget and the screen collection it is bound to, you may need to rearrange and/or remove properties to achieve the intended result.


Bar Chart, Line Chart, Scatter Chart

Pie Chart


Drop Down

The default setting for the Widget property is Grid. The Grid widget supports infinite scrolling as in the Wijmo Grid Screen (Scrolling) template. Paging behavior is a function of the Wijmo Grid Screen (Paging) template, not the Grid widget itself.

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