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Project Resources Dialog Box
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The Project Resources dialog box is used for adding or removing resources such as work, material, or cost to your project schedule.

Add a Resource

You can add a Resource by clicking the Add button. Once the Resource is added the default name, Resource1 appears in the Resource Name textbox. T

Remove a Resource

You can remove a resource by selecting the resource in the Members listbox and clicking on the Remove button.

Resource Name

This is where the name appears for your resource once it has been added. This is the name you’ll refer to your resource in the project so it’s advisable to type a descriptive and unique name for each resource.

Resource Type

In the Resource Type: dropdown list box you can specify three types of resources for your project schedule: work, material, and cost.

A work resource is anyone or anything that is needed to complete a project such as people and machines. Typically resources are people involved in your project whether or not they are assigned tasks. Equipment can include web servers or computers that have special software needs to accomplish certain tasks. Work resources need time (hours, days, weeks) to finish the task.

A material resource includes things that are consumed by a task such as paper, pens, and oil. They don’t depend on the total work amount or duration of the task.

A cost resource is anything that doesn’t depend on the total work amount or duration of the task such as dining and airfares. This type of resource is needed in your project to analyze your costs.

Unit of Measure:

The unit of measure for the resource type is specified in the Unit of Measure: textbox. Work resources are always measured by time so the typical unit of measure for a work resource is expressed in hours. The unit of measure for material resources is a measure unit like cubic yards, tons, meters, etc.


You can specify the language and concept details of the resource type in the Notes: textbox. This will help the user to better understand how the resource is calculated based upon the unit of measure.


You can specify the cost of the resource type using the numeric box.

To Access the Project Resources dialog box

Click on the Project Resources button , in the C1GanttView Toolbar.

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