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Subtotal Enumeration

C1.DataEngine.4 Assembly > C1.FlexPivot Namespace : Subtotal Enumeration
Specifies the type of subtotal (aggregate) statistic to calculate.
Public Enum Subtotal 
   Inherits System.Enum
public enum Subtotal : System.Enum 
AverageGets the average of a group.
CountGets the number of values in a group.
FirstGets the first value in a group.
LastGets the last value in a group.
MaxGets the maximum value in a group.
MinGets the minimum value in a group.
StdGets the sample standard deviation of a group.
StdPGets the population standard deviation of a group.
SumGets the sum of a group.
VarGets the sample variance of a group.
VarPGets the population variance of a group.
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