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DeferNotifications Method (RowColCollection<T>)

C1.Silverlight.FlexGrid Namespace > RowColCollection<T> Class : DeferNotifications Method
Suspends notifications until the returned System.IDisposable object is disposed.
Public Function DeferNotifications() As System.IDisposable
public System.IDisposable DeferNotifications()

Return Value

An System.IDisposable object that must be disposed to restore notifications.
This method is typically used in update blocks to perform batch updates efficiently and safely.

The example below shows how you can use the DeferNotifications method to suspend notifications while setting the width of several columns on the grid.

Note that the call to the DeferNotifications method is placed in a using statement, which automatically disposes of the object and restores notifications at the end of the block, even if the code within the block throws an exception. This makes the code more readable and concise than calling the more traditional BeginUpdate and EndUpdate methods within a try/finally block.

var grid = new C1FlexGrid();
using (grid.Columns.DeferNotifications())
  foreach (var col in grid.Columns)
    col.Width = 100;
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