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GroupRowPosition Property (C1FlexGrid)

C1.Silverlight.FlexGrid Namespace > C1FlexGrid Class : GroupRowPosition Property
Gets or sets a value that indicates where group rows should be displayed with respect to the data.
Public Property GroupRowPosition As GroupRowPosition
public GroupRowPosition GroupRowPosition {get; set;}

Groups are created by data sources that implement the System.ComponentModel.ICollectionView interface.

To create groups, start by creating a data source object that implements System.ComponentModel.ICollectionView (such as PagedCollectionView in Silverlight or ListCollectionView in WPF), then add System.Windows.Data.PropertyGroupDescription objects to the data source's System.ComponentModel.ICollectionView.GroupDescriptions collection.

Once the groups have been defined, the data source will automatically create and maintain them, and the C1FlexGrid will display the results.

The code below creates a data source with grouping and binds it to a C1FlexGrid.
// create PagedCollectionView used as a data source 
var data = new ObservableCollection<Customer>();
for (int i = 0; i < 10; i++)
  data.Add(new Customer(i));
var view = new PagedCollectionView(data);
using (view.DeferRefresh())
    view.GroupDescriptions.Add(new PropertyGroupDescription("Country"));
    view.GroupDescriptions.Add(new PropertyGroupDescription("Active"));
// bind grid to data source 
_flex.ItemsSource = view;
// show group rows above the data
_flex.GroupRowPosition = GroupRowPosition.AboveData;
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