ComponentOne FlexGrid for WPF and Silverlight
CollectionView Property (C1FlexGrid)

C1.Silverlight.FlexGrid Namespace > C1FlexGrid Class : CollectionView Property
Gets the System.ComponentModel.ICollectionView that represents the current data source.
Public ReadOnly Property CollectionView As System.ComponentModel.ICollectionView
public System.ComponentModel.ICollectionView CollectionView {get;}

This property exposes the grid's data source as an System.ComponentModel.ICollectionView. If the ItemsSource value implements System.ComponentModel.ICollectionView, then the ItemsSource and CollectionView properties return the same value.

If the current ItemsSource does not implement the System.ComponentModel.ICollectionView, then the control creates an internal System.ComponentModel.ICollectionView that wraps the data source. The CollectionView property exposes this internal System.ComponentModel.ICollectionView so applications have access to the data source state including sorting, filtering, and grouping.

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