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ChangeEdit Event

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Fires in edit mode, after the contents of the editor change.
Public Event ChangeEdit As EventHandler
public event EventHandler ChangeEdit

This event fires while the grid is in edit mode and the contents of the editor change. This may be caused by the user typing into the editor or selecting a new item in a drop down list.

When this event fires, the new editor content has not been applied to the grid cell yet. You may check the new content using the Editor property.

The code below shows a message when the text being edited contains more than 10 characters:
void _flex_ChangeEdit(object sender, EventArgs e)
  // get text in editor
  string text = _flex.Editor.Text;
  // show message if it's too long
  statusStrip1.Text = text.Length > 10
    ? "This text seems too long..."
    : "This text looks OK...";
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