ComponentOne DynamicHelp for WinForms
Provider Property

C1.Win.C1DynamicHelp.4 Assembly > C1.Win.C1DynamicHelp Namespace > C1DynamicHelp Class : Provider Property
Gets or sets a reference to a help provider.
Public Property Provider As IHelpProvider
public IHelpProvider Provider {get; set;}
Provider cannot be null.

You should set this property only if you implement your own help provider class (an advanced feature). A help provider can read data from a help source and provides methods to get a help topic list, to get a dictionary of context ids and help topics, to open help in an external window, to get a topic URL that can be displayed in a C1DynamicHelp control, etc.

There are two built-in help providers in C1DynamicHelp: ChmProvider and NetHelpProvider which are used automatically when the HelpSource property points to a .chm or .html/.htm file correspondingly.

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