ComponentOne Menus and Toolbars for WinForms
Menus and Toolbars for WinForms Overview

Create versatile menus and docking/floating toolbars for your Windows Forms applications with Menus and Toolbars for WinForms. The suite includes nine user-interface and navigational tools. SmartDesigner technology makes it easy for you to build and style your menus and toolbars. This unique visual development feature allows you to work right on the design surface - no coding is required. And with the latest built-in Microsoft Office 2010 visual styles, you can achieve an Office 2010 look and feel by setting just one property. Menus and Toolbars for WinForms provides extensive design-time support, enabling you to create fully functional menus and toolbars in little time.

Menus and Toolbars for WinForms contains a variety of projects, and you can learn more about the individual products by clicking on the following links: