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C1TopicBarHitTestTypeEnum Enumeration

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Type of topic bar element at a specific point on the control.
Public Enum C1TopicBarHitTestTypeEnum 
   Inherits System.Enum
public enum C1TopicBarHitTestTypeEnum : System.Enum 
EmptyThe point is in the C1TopicBar's empty area.
LinkThe point is on empty space of a link (not over a text or image).
LinkImageThe point is on image of a link.
LinkTextThe point is on text of a link.
NoneThe point is out of the C1TopicBar's area.
PageBodyThe point is on a page body (but not on a link).
PageTitleThe point is on empty space of a page title area (not over a text, image or expand/collapse indicator).
PageTitleImageThe point is on image of a page title.
PageTitleIndicatorThe point is on expand/collapse indicator of a page title.
PageTitleTextThe point is on text of a page title.
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