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QueryAllowDrop Event

C1.Win.C1Command.4 Assembly > C1.Win.C1Command Namespace > C1DockingManager Class : QueryAllowDrop Event
Occurs during a docking operation and enables the source to determine whether it can be dropped into the target place.
Public Event QueryAllowDrop As AllowDropTargetEventHandler
public event AllowDropTargetEventHandler QueryAllowDrop
Event Data

The event handler receives an argument of type AllowDropEventArgs containing data related to this event. The following AllowDropEventArgs properties provide information specific to this event.

(Inherited from System.ComponentModel.CancelEventArgs)
Gets source docking tab.  
Gets source docking tab page.  
Gets target bounds.  
Gets target command dock.  
Gets target docking tab.  
Gets target docking style.  
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