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C1.Xamarin.Forms.Grid Assembly : C1.Xamarin.Forms.Grid Namespace
ClassEvent data with a Cancel property that can be used to cancel the event.
Class Displays a visual element, typically a label with a message, when there are no rows in the grid.
Class Control used to display and edit tabular information.
ClassImplements detail rows for FlexGrid control.
ClassAllows any FlexGrid to be filtered using a Xamarin.Forms.Entry.
ClassEvent data for AutoGeneratingColumn event of FlexGrid.
Class Represents a row that is bound to a data item.
Class Event data for editing events.
Class Implements the functionality to create grid cells dynamically.
Class Defines a cell range from (row1,col1) to (row2,col2).
Class Event data for events associated with a range of cells.
Class Contains properties that will be applied to cell view elements.
Class Represents a grid column.
Class Collection of columns.
Class Visual column header
Class Represents a data map for use with the column's dataMap property.
ClassProvides event data for FlexGridDetailProvider.DetailCellCreating event.
Class Row that shows the details of the previous row.
Class Represents rows that defines group of data items.
Class Visual element displayed in the group rows to allow the user expand and collapse as well as displaying the name of the group.
ClassVisual element displayed inside a GridIncrementalLoadingRow.
ClassThis row is displayed at the bottom of the grid and is used to bring more items when the inner collection view support C1.CollectionView.ISupportIncrementalLoading.
Class Implements the grid's default merging behavior.
ClassEvent data for GridColumnHeaderCell.OutlineTapped.
ClassRepresents a panel of the grid. Each panel is related to a GridCellType.
Class Represent a row.
ClassAbstract base class for GridRow and GridColumn classes.
Class Base collection class for columns and rows.
Class Collection of rows.
ClassProvides event data for FlexGridDetailProvider.RowHeaderLoading event.
Class Settings of the animations performed when cells are updated.
Enumeration Specifies the modes to perform the filter operation.
Enumeration Specifies the type of aggregate to calculate over a group of values.
Enumeration Specifies constants that define which areas of the grid support cell merging.
Enumeration Specifies a value that defines which elements can be resized.
Enumeration Specifies constants that define the row/column auto-sizing behavior.
Enumeration Specifies a value that defines the type of cell.
Enumeration Determines how the visibility will behave.
Enumeration Specifies where to place the group rows used to delimit data groups.
Enumeration Specifies constants that define which header cells are displayed.
Enumeration Specifies constants that define which grid lines separating grid cells are shown.
Enumeration Specifies the selected state of a cell.
Enumeration Specifies constants that define the selection behavior.
Enumeration Defines constants that specify the current mode for zoom behavior.
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