ComponentOne UWP Edition Release History
2015 v3.5
UWP Edition Release History > 2015 v3.5



  • [Windows][C1RadialMenu] Added CollapseOnClick property for C1RadialMenuItem to indicate if the menu will auto collapse when the user clicks the item which has no child items.

Bug Fix

  • [Windows][C1RadialMenu] C1RadialMenu freezes whole screen on Windows 10 when animations inside applications are enabled in system settings.

BarCode for UWP


  • Added SaveAsync (Stream stream, ImageFormat imgFormat) to save C1BarCode as Image.

Excel for UWP


  • Added new C1XLBook.ListSeparator property for using in methods C1XLBook.Load (for .cvs files), XLSheet.LoadCsv and XLSheet.SaveCsv.

Maps for UWP

Bug Fix

  • Fixed the issue where C1VectorPolyline is rendered behind the coordinate point.

RichTextBox for UWP

Bug Fix

  • Fixed the issue where text shifts to the next line on pressing space key.

Scheduler for UWP


  • Improved the performance of Scheduler control templates. Now, default control templates do not use C1Scheduler.VisualIntervalTemplate property.
  • C1SchedulerNavigator control has been moved out of the looping area and the navigation buttons have been moved from the C1Scheduler template to the C1SchedulerNavigator control. These improvements allow the use of empty space near the C1SchedulerNavigator control to show custom navigation UI (see our updated samples).
  • Improved the performance of TimeRuler. It has been moved out of looping area in the default C1Scheduler control template, and no more requires setting ItemsSource from xaml.

TileView for UWP

Bug Fix

  • [Windows] Fixed the issue where NullReferenceException is thrown if HeaderAlignment property of C1TileViewItem IS set at run time.