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Step 2 of 3: Adding Content to the C1Org Chart Control
OrgChart for UWP Quick Start > Step 2 of 3: Adding Content to the C1Org Chart Control

In the previous step you created a Universal Windows application and added the C1OrgChart control to your project. In this step you'll add content to the C1OrgChart control.

To customize your project and add content to the C1OrgChart control in your application, complete the following steps:

  1. In the Solution Explorer, right-click the MainPage.xaml file and select View Code. The code file will open.
  2. Add the following imports statements to the top of the page:
    Visual Basic
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    Imports C1.Xaml.OrgChart
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using C1.Xaml.OrgChart;
  1. This code will add content to the application. Add the following code within the page constructor, directly below the InitializeComponent() method:
Visual Basic
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' create hierarchy
Dim uwp As New Platform() With {.Name = "UWP"}
Dim winjs As New Platform() With {.Name = "HTML"}
Dim xaml As New Platform() With {.Name = "XAML"}
Dim dx As New Platform() With {.Name = "DirectX"}
uwp.Subplatforms = New List(Of Platform)()
winjs.Subplatforms = New List(Of Platform)()
winjs.Subplatforms.Add(New Platform() With {.Name = "JavaScript"})
xaml.Subplatforms = New List(Of Platform)()
xaml.Subplatforms.Add(New Platform() With {.Name = "C#"})
xaml.Subplatforms.Add(New Platform() With {.Name = "VB"})
dx.Subplatforms = New List(Of Platform)()
dx.Subplatforms.Add(New Platform() With {.Name = "C++"})
' set to orgchart
c1OrgChart1.Header = uwp

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// create hierarchy
            Platform uwp = new Platform() { Name = "Windows RT" };
            Platform winjs = new Platform() { Name = "HTML" };
            Platform xaml = new Platform() { Name = "XAML" };
            Platform dx = new Platform() { Name = "DirectX" };
            uwp.Subplatforms = new List<Platform>();
            winjs.Subplatforms = new List<Platform>();
            winjs.Subplatforms.Add(new Platform() { Name = "JavaScript" });
            xaml.Subplatforms = new List<Platform>();
            xaml.Subplatforms.Add(new Platform() { Name = "C#" });
            xaml.Subplatforms.Add(new Platform() { Name = "VB" });
            dx.Subplatforms = new List<Platform>();
            dx.Subplatforms.Add(new Platform() { Name = "C++" });
            // set to orgchart
            c1OrgChart1.Header = uwp;
  1.  Add the following class below the page constructor:
Visual Basic
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Public Class Platform
        Public Property Name() As String
        Public Property Subplatforms() As IList(Of Platform)
    End Class

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public class Platform
        public string Name { get; set; }
        public IList<Platform> Subplatforms { get; set; }

In this step you added content to the C1OrgChart control. In the next step you'll run your application.

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