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Adding Items to a Book
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You can add any sort of arbitrary content to a C1Book control. This includes text, images, layout panels, and other standard and 3rd-party controls. In this example, you'll add a TextBlock control to a C1Book control, but you can customize the steps to add other types of content instead.


For example, to add a TextBlock control to the book add <TextBlock Text="Hello World!"/> within the <Extended:C1Book> tag so that it appears similar to the following:

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<Extended:C1Book Name="c1book1" Height="300" Width="450">
    <TextBlock Text="Hello World!"/>

In Code

For example, to add a TextBlock control to the book, add code to the page's constructor so it appears like the following:

Visual Basic
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Public Sub New()
Dim c1book1 as New C1Book
    c1book1.Height = 300
    c1book1.Width = 450
    Dim txt1 as New TextBlock
    txt1.Text = "Hello World!"
End Sub

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public MainPage()
    C1Book c1book1 = new C1Book();
    c1book1.Height = 300;
    c1book1.Width = 450;

    TextBlock txt1 = new TextBlock();
    txt1.Text = "Hello World!";

What You've Accomplished

You've added a control to the C1Book control. Run the application and observe that the TextBlock control has been added to the C1Book control. You can similarly add other content and controls.

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