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ClassRepresents an arc shape in a C1FlexReport.
ClassDefinies additional barcode options.
ClassSpecifies the options affecting the size of a barcode, such as the width of narrow bars, narrow to wide bars' ratio etc.
ClassRepresents a border of object.
ClassRepresents a position of a bookmark within a document.
ClassAbstract base class for brushes used in C1Document and C1FlexReport.
ClassRepresents a ComponentOne Document.
ClassRepresents an action which can be executed by the C1DocumentSource and change its content, see C1DocumentSource.ExecuteAction.
ClassAbstract base class for types that can create and manage a C1Document object from some source.

Derived classes provide implementation for specific sources such as SSRS reports etc.

The common base (C1DocumentSource) allows to work with various document and reports types (e.g. previewing or printing them) in a uniform manner.

ClassFor internal use. Abstract class representing the full context in which a C1DocumentSource operates. Instances of this class can be used to save and restore the current state of a C1DocumentSource, for example it can be used to implement forward and backward navigation. For details see C1DocumentSource.GetContext and C1DocumentSource.SetContext methods. Derived classes should override Equals(...) and GetHashCode(...).
ClassRepresents an exception that occurred in a C1DocumentSource.
ClassRepresents a set of features which are supported by a specific instance of the C1DocumentSource class. A client using that instance can analyse the properties exposed by this type, and enable or disable the UI elements accordingly.
ClassFor internal use. Implements printing via C1DXGraphics using D2D printing services.
ClassRepresents find text parameters.
ClassRepresents a position in a document where a text was found.
ClassDefines highlighting in the block of text.
ClassAbstract base class for various gradient brushes.
ClassRepresents a hyperlink in a document. A hyperlink may be assigned to a RenderObject's RenderObject.Hyperlink, or a RenderParagraphObject's RenderParagraphObject.Hyperlink property. In that case clicking on that object in a viewer will jump to the hyperlink's LinkTarget.
ClassDefines a linear gradient brush.
ClassDefines a link to another document or a location within the same document.
ClassAbstract base class for classes defining a link target.
ClassDescribes a C1LinkTarget pointing to an external document, file or URL. The hyperlink jump is performed using the ShellExecute OS shell API, so the result depends on the operating system and installed programs.
ClassDefines a link to another document or a location within the same document via page index and area within the page.
ClassRepresents the page settings of a C1Document.
ClassRepresents a document source which loads and renders PDF documents.
ClassDescribes options controlling how a document's content is to be printed.
ClassDefines a radial gradient brush.
ClassDefines a brush of a single color.
ClassProvides functionality to search text in the document managed by the C1DocumentSource.
ClassDefines the compatibility options for C1PrintDocument. Contains properties specifying compatibility with previous versions of C1PrintDocument.
ClassRepresents general information about a C1Document, such as author, subject, creation date and time, and so on. Can be accessed via the C1Document.DocumentInfo property on a document.
ClassAbstract base class for ArcShape and PieShape classes.
ClassRepresents an ellipse shape in a C1FlexReport.
ClassProvides data for the C1DocumentSource.ExecuteActionCompleted event.
ClassProvides data for the C1DocumentSource.ExportCompleted event.
ClassDefines parameters for a C1TextSearchManager.FindActionCompleted event.
ClassProvides data for the C1DocumentSource.GetLinkTargetPositionCompleted event.
ClassProvides data for the C1DocumentSource.GetPageCompleted event.
ClassDefines the point within gradient.
ClassRepresents collection of the GradientStop objects.
ClassRepresents an isosceles triangle shape in a C1FlexReport.
ClassRepresents a value with a label. The label can be used in a UI.
ClassRepresents a collection of LabeledValue objects.
ClassRepresents a line in C1Document and C1FlexReport. This class is used to specifiy borders in the Border class, line style used by shapes, and so on.
ClassRepresents a line shape in a C1FlexReport.
ClassAbstract base class for LineShape and PolygonShape classes.
ClassDescribes arguments for the event fired periodically by a potentially long operation. Allows to provide feedback to the user and may also allow to cancel the operation.
ClassProvides data for the INotifyCollection.CollectionChanged and INotifyCollection.CollectionChanging events.
ClassRepresents an outline node within a C1Document.
ClassRepresents collection of the OutlineNode objects.
ClassDescribes a part of the document (pages or objects) that is to be exported or printed. Note: all page numbers are 1-based.
ClassContains event data for events fired when some pages have been loaded and their content became available. Represents a contiguous range of pages defined by the first page's index, and the number of pages in the range.
ClassRepresents a user-defined parameter.
ClassRepresents a collection of Parameter objects.
ClassRepresents an error which occured while validating parameters of a C1DocumentSource.
ClassThe exception that is thrown when the value provided as the current password is incorrect.
ClassRepresetns a pie shape in a C1FlexReport.
ClassProvides data for the INotifyObject.PropertyChanged and INotifyObject.PropertyChanging events.
ClassRepresents a rectangle shape in a C1FlexReport.
ClassRepresents a chart in C1Document based on FlexChart.
ClassRepresents a rectangular triangle shape in a C1FlexReport.
ClassDefines parameters for a C1DocumentSource.SecurityError event.
ClassRepresents an exception caused by invalid credentials used in C1DocumentSource operation.
ClassAbstract base class for shapes rendered by report fields (see Field.ShapeType and Shape).
ClassRepresents a collection of Style objects. This is the type of the Style.Children collection on a Style.
ClassAbstract base class for IsoscelesTriangleShape and RightTriangleShape types.
ClassContains common functions.
ClassProvides data for the C1DocumentSource.ValidateParametersCompleted event.
ClassAbstract base class for classes representing various complex visual properties like Line, Border etc.
InterfaceNotifies listeners of dynamic changes, such as when items get added and removed.
InterfaceNotifies clients that a property value about to be changed or already has changed.
StructureDefines attributes used to highlight content of document.
StructureRepresents a continuous range of text.
StructureDefines the corners' radii of a rounded rectangle.
StructureA utility structure specifying some values related to units of measurement.
DelegateRepresents a method that can handle a long operation event.
DelegateRepresents a method that handles the INotifyCollection.PropertyChanged or INotifyCollection.PropertyChanging events.
DelegateDefines a handler for the event fired when some pages have been loaded and their content is available.
DelegateRepresents the method that will handle the INotifyObject.PropertyChanged or INotifyObject.PropertyChanging events raised when a property is changed or chaning on an object.
DelegateRepresents a method that will handle a C1DocumentSource.SecurityError event.
EnumerationDetermines the type of barcode.
EnumerationSpecifies the various barcode sizing modes.
EnumerationSpecifies how borders are drawn when the object is split between pages.
EnumerationDescribes the busy state of a C1DocumentSource object.
EnumerationSpecifies the base position and direction of a text search.
EnumerationRepresents the degree to which a font has been stretched compared to a font's normal aspect ratio.
EnumerationDescribes the action that caused a INotifyCollection.CollectionChanging or INotifyCollection.CollectionChanged events.
EnumerationDefines the dash style of a line.
EnumerationEnumerates the fields stored by the DocumentInfo class.
EnumerationDefines how line is drawn within shape.
EnumerationSpecifies the type of an OutputRange.
EnumerationSpecifies the type of a value (e.g. in a Parameter.DataType).
EnumerationSpecifies text search scope.
EnumerationDefines shapes supported by the Field.
EnumerationSpecifies how a text is adjusted to fit in specified bounds.
EnumerationEnumerates units of measurement used in a C1Document, used by Unit and related types.
EnumerationSpecifies whether a text is written horizontally or vertically.
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