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XLStyle Class

C1.WPF.Excel Namespace : XLStyle Class
Contains style elements used to define the appearance of the cells.
Object Model
XLStyle Class
Public Class XLStyle 
   Implements ICloneable 
public class XLStyle : ICloneable  

Each XLStyle object may define one or more of the following elements: font, format, background color, background pattern, foreground color, alignment, text direction, and word wrapping.

When displaying a cell, Excel combines the row, column, and cell styles and merges the style elements defined in each one in order to determine how the cell should be displayed. The precedence of the styles is: (1) cell, (2) row, (3) column, (4) default style.

Every XLStyle belongs to a C1XLBook, and may be assigned to one or more XLRow, XLColumn, and XLCell objects through their Style property.

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