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XLSheet Class
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C1.WPF.Excel Namespace : XLSheet Class
Represents individual worksheets in an Excel workbook (C1XLBook).
Object Model
XLSheet Class
Public Class XLSheet 
   Implements ICloneable 
public class XLSheet : ICloneable  
Provides indexers to get or set the value of individual cells (XLCell) and to access the Rows and Columns on the sheet.
Use the C1XLBookC1XLBook.Sheets indexer to get an individual sheet. For example, the code below gets a reference to the first sheet on the book, then prints the number of rows and columns on the sheet:
C1XLBook book = new C1XLBook();
XLSheet sheet = book.Sheets[0];
Debug.WriteLine("Sheet has {0} rows and {1} columns",
  sheet.Rows.Count, sheet.Columns.Count);
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