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XLPictureShape Class

C1.WPF.Excel Namespace : XLPictureShape Class
Represents an Image embedded in an XLSheet.
Object Model
XLPictureShape Class
Public Class XLPictureShape 
   Inherits XLShape
   Implements ICloneable 
public class XLPictureShape : XLShape, ICloneable  

XLPictureShape derives from the generic XLShape class to expose properties of images embedded in sheets. These properties include the actual Image as well as information on how it should be displayed, including Brightness, Contrast, and clipping information.

You can add images to cells simply by assigning Image objects directly to the Value property of XLCell objects. In this case, C1XLBook will create and initialize an XLPictureShape automatically. However, this method does not provide a lot of flexibility in terms of aligning, scaling, and clipping the image.

A more flexible option is to create an XLPictureShape object in code, using the constructor that takes alignment and scaling parameters, and then assign this XLPictureShape object to a cell's Value property.

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