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XLPatternEnum Enumeration

C1.WPF.Excel Namespace : XLPatternEnum Enumeration
Specifies the pattern used to fill the cell background.
Public Enum XLPatternEnum 
   Inherits System.Enum
public enum XLPatternEnum : System.Enum 
DiagonalCrosshatchDiagonal crosshatch pattern.
DiagonalStripeDiagonal stripe pattern (/).
Gray066% dotted pattern (least dots).
Gray1212% dotted pattern (less dots).
Gray2525% dotted pattern.
Gray5050% dotted pattern.
Gray7575% dotted pattern.
HorizontalStripeHorizontal stripe pattern.
NoneNo pattern (transparent).
ReverseDiagonalStripeReverse diagonal stripe pattern (\).
SolidSolid background.
ThickDiagonalCrosshatchThick diagonal crosshatch pattern.
ThinDiagonalCrosshatchThin diagonal crosshatch pattern (diamonds).
ThinDiagonalStripeThin diagonal stripe pattern (/).
ThinHorizontalCrosshatchThin horizontal crosshatch pattern (squares).
ThinHorizontalStripeThin horizontal stripe pattern.
ThinReverseDiagonalStripeThin reverse diagonal stripe pattern (\).
ThinVerticalStripeThin vertical stripe pattern.
VerticalStripeVertical stripe pattern.
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