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XLOpaqueShape Class

C1.WPF.Excel Namespace : XLOpaqueShape Class
Represents a shape that was inserted in the sheet using Excel and is preserved but not fully exposed by the C1XLBook component.
Object Model
XLOpaqueShape Class
Public Class XLOpaqueShape 
   Inherits XLShape
   Implements ICloneable 
public class XLOpaqueShape : XLShape, ICloneable  

C1ExcelBook can load and save all types of shapes present in Excel sheets.

However, only image shapes are fully exposed (as XLPictureShape objects).

All other object types are loaded and saved as XLOpaqueShape objects that cannot be modified. These include graphical elements (such as lines, rectangles, and arcs), VBA controls (such as edit boxes, and buttons), and comments.

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