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XLColumnCollection Class
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C1.WPF.Excel Namespace : XLColumnCollection Class
Represents a collection of XLColumn objects that represent the individual columns in each XLSheet.
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XLColumnCollection Class
Public Class XLColumnCollection 
public class XLColumnCollection 

The collection has methods for counting, enumerating, adding, and removing columns from the collection.

The XLColumn objects do not contain any data. If you remove a column from the collection, the data will be lost. If you later re-insert that same column back into the collection, the column will be blank.

Note that you can create columns automatically by using the sheet's indexer. For example, the following code retrieves the cell at coordinates (3,3) and in doing so automatically creates four rows and four columns automatically:
C1XLBook book  = new C1XLBook();
XLSheet  sheet = book.Sheets[0];
XLCell   cell  = sheet[3,3]; // creates 4 rows and 4 columns
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